Car Loan – Low and constant monthly installments

It offers its customers a very flexible car loan with good conditions. However, the applicant must have an account with the Credither. Whether it’s a space-saving small car for the city or a van for the whole family – with the Credithern car loan you are always mobile. Whether space-saving small car for the city or Van for the whole family – with the car loan you are always mobile. No matter if you have young talents or a new job: With the Car Loan you can react quickly and flexibly to new demands on your mobility.

And how can we find her?

And how can we find her?

By sending the application data to the company, the details of the application, the borrowing (in each case borrower and loan amount or limit and for installment loans additional maturities and installment) and the agreed settlement ( eg prepayment, term extension) of this loan I agree. that the contractual relationship underlying the claim can be terminated by the house bank because of outstanding payments without observing a deadline and the house bank has informed me of the pending transfer.

BayernLB also provides BayernLB with information on other non-contractual conduct (eg fraudulent activity). In this respect, I release the house bank from bank client confidentiality. The received information is stored and used by the tailoring company. The claim also includes the calculation of a probability value based on the credit bureau database for assessing the risk of default.

It will pass on the information received to its contracting parties in the EEA and CH to provide information on the creditworthiness of natural persons. Contracting parties to the Company are companies which, due to services or supplies, incur a financial default risk (in particular credit card and leasing companies, but also leasing, trading companies, telecommunications, energy supply, insurance and collection companies).

Personal information will only be provided by credit bureau if, in the specific case, there is a justified interest in use that is admissible after consideration of all concerns. Therefore, the amount of data may vary depending on the type of contractor. In addition, the credit bureau uses the data to verify the personal details and the age of people who, for. B. provide services on the Intranet at the request of its contracting parties.

I receive information about my deposited information from Scufa. Postal address of the credit bureau: The postal address is: The company is: The company Carjack, Germany.

Savings Auto Credit

Savings Auto Credit

It is a universal institution that conducts banking transactions with private households, companies, municipalities and institutions. Because the regional principle applies to the operation of most savings banks, every major savings bank has its headquarters. 

From online banking via current accounts, savings accounts and personal loans, Credither offers a wide range of products and services. This includes the car loan of the Credither – in short: the Car loan. After checking the documents, the Credither makes the loan amount available on the current account within 24 hours. In addition, the Credither finances both used cars and new vehicles.

Low and constant monthly installments and the swift availability of the loan amount in case of a positive decision are further advantages that Car Loan offers the buyer. Credither employees also look after help-seeking people by telephone; In addition, he can visit one of the numerous private counseling centers. This is of course an advantage if there is no Credithern branch nearby.

No matter whether the applicant wants to buy a new vehicle or used vehicle: He gets a quick credit decision and the necessary money from the savings bank. The Credither once again proves its customer orientation with the Car Loan. A minor disadvantage is that the consumer must have an account with the savings bank or reopen.

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