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Air Travel
The flight between Lima and Cusco is not long, about 55 minutes, and is without a doubt the easiest way to travel to Cusco. Flights from Lima to Cusco leave daily and travel via four particular airlines: Lan Peru, Tans, Taca Peru, and Aviandina. All flights leave for Cusco in the very early hours of the morning because of the Andes mountain chain which lies directly between the two cities. Morning flights allow the pilot full vision for flying around the mountains and tend to always depart and arrive on time. Usually, the first flight out of Lima leaves by 6:00 am requiring travelers to be at the airport by about 4:30am.
*It is important to note that we recommend you book your flight before 9:30. Flights dragging on after this time risk being delayed because of bad weather.
*Particularly during the Wet Season, which runs from January to March, flights leaving in the late morning early afternoon tend to be cancelled.
For more information on flights between Lima and Cusco via Lan Peru airline visit:
Official LAN Peru Website
Official TACA Website

Bus Travel
Though there are a variety of routes from Lima to Cusco, it is always recommended that tourists travel by plane. Roads are very dangerous, with unsuspected curves, narrow lanes, and a long exhausting journey ahead. The majority of land travel averages over 20 hours, taking about a day or more to actually reach Cusco. Road travel is recommended for the adventurous traveler who has time to spend seeing the scenery and experience the thrill of the trip.

Route 1: Lima- Arequipa- Cusco (about 26 hours, 1650 km)
Although you will find many bus companies who sell tickets from Lima to Cusco, it is typical that buses will leave from Lima but make a stop at Arequipa, where you will catch a connecting trip to Cusco. At these connectors it is quite possible that you may have to wait for a while before the connecting bus actually arrives. Usually the bus from Lima to Arequipa travels through the night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day.

From Arequipa, a majority of the buses leave for Cusco in the later portion of the night, allowing visitors the day to spend in Arequipa and experience the many highlights of this city.

Route 2: Lima- Nazca- Abancay- Cusco (about 23 hours, 1131 km)
This route is the most direct route to take when traveling from Lima to Cusco. Described as quite a stunning ride with magnificent views, this trip is primarily for adventurous travelers who aren't afraid of twists and turns. The route contains many dangerous and sharp curves which force most people to choose the longer route via Arequipa. However, for those who want the most scenic tour into South Peru, this is the way to go. Years ago, this route was rumored to be filled with bandits and robbers who waited for tourists to drive through and make stops, so locals companies will try to persuade you to take the longer trip via Arequipa. Lima cleaned up the route, adding patrol to ensure a safer trip and complaints and stories of bandits have subsided. Stops on this route are not nearly as long as the layovers on the other journey, so most of the scenery comes while traveling and hands on exploring is very limited.

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