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Pisac Overview

The famous street market in Pisac, Peru Situated on the bank of the Urubamba River is Pisac, a lovely village about 20 miles from Cuzco. The friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery is very inviting and you might be tempted to stay overnight in one of the nearby hostels. Pisac is known for its good fishing, Sunday markets, and Inca ruins above the town.

Pisac Sunday Market
Pisac has a market every Sunday with vendors selling high quality handmade goods and fresh produce. Besides the shopping the market has a beer tent where visitors and locals unwind to the slightly off-tune songs of a brass band. Locals and tourists flock to this lively affair that has become quite legendary in the Sacred Valley. The Andean locals apparently play as hard as they work the fields, and the Sunday Market in Pisac is their day to really let loose and have fun.

The main square starts to draw a crowd early on after a colorful procession leaves morning Mass. Men in traditional clothing can be seen blowing horns and being led by the mayor holding his silver staff. If you can't make the Sunday market there are also less crowded market days in Pisac - on Tuesday and Thursday as well as a few stands that stay open daily during the high season.

The Inca ruins above the town of Pisac, Peru
Pisac Inca Ruins
The Pisac ruins can be reached by climbing the hill to the mountaintop, where you'll find yourself overlooking the valley. The ruins are known for its small, intricately placed stones that fit perfectly together. The ancient craftsmanship rivals that of even the magnificent Machu Picchu.

To get to Pisac ruins you simply have to walk up the steep 4km footpath from the plaza or take one of the taxis waiting on the eastside of the market area. The footpath starts from the west side of the church and takes about two hours. As you make the climb you'll see the Rio Kitamayo gorge in the west and to the east the Rio Chongo Valley.

The Pisac Ruins are famous for its intricate agricultural terraces that wrap around the mountain and joined by stairs and footpaths at the edge of mountain cliffs. Once at the top you'll reach a massive stone doorway that leads to stone stairs and finally a tunnel carved out of rock.

Vendors will most likely be there to offer drinks and to welcome you to the ceremonial center, which has several working water channels and incredibly intricate stonework in the temples. Further on the path you'll find ceremonial baths and Inca tombs, which had been plundered by grave robbers and are now off-limits to tourists.

Pisac Lodging
The Royal Inka Pisac Hotel has luxury accommodations with all the amenities and a gorgeous view of the ruins. A friendly Peruvian-American couple owns Hotel Pisaq, a cozy bed and breakfast on the main square.
Royal Inka Pisac Hotel Website
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Map of The Sacred Valley

Pisac on Sacred Valley map

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