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Safety in Peru

Peru is an exciting and beautiful place to visit, with a variety of things to explore and experience. South America is not the safest continent, however. Some streets in Peruvian cities and towns are not as well lit as you may be used to at home, so make sure to be a smart traveler. Don't weary flashy jewelry, watches, or anything else that might make you stick out as a tourist. Also, only carry enough money on you that you need in case you run into trouble. If you keep alert and walk with a purpose even if you are lost, you shouldn't have any problems.

Female Travelers
Machismo, a cultural stereotype that is prevalent in Latin American countries, characterizes women as weak and submissive and men as strong and dominant. The extent of this will most likely be nothing more than catcalling or whistling. The best way to deal with it is to ignore it. Also be aware of interpretations; what might seem like friendly conversation at home might be seen as a direct come-on by a Latin American.

Although violent crime is very unlikely, petty theft does happen from time to time. To protect yourself it is advised that you only carry enough money that you need and to carry identification with you at all times. You should make two copies of your passport: one to leave at home and another copy to take with you in case the original gets lost or stolen. If that is the case, notify your embassy immediately.

Safety in Lima

Fire: 116
Police: 105
Tourist Police: 01/225-8698
Hospital: Clinica Anglo_Americana, Av. Alfredo Salazar, San Isidro 01/221-3656
Farmacia Deza, Av, Conquistadores 144, San Isidro 01/441-5860
Farmacia Fasa, Av. Benavides 487, Miraflores 01/475-7070

Taxi Travel
Hailing taxis on the street should be quite safe, provided that the cabs are painted yellow and have the driver's license prominently displayed. Taxis in Lima aren't metered so it is advised to negotiate the fare before you ride. A short trip between two neighborhoods should cost between S/4 and S/7, while longer trips will cost around S/10. The price doubles if you call a taxi. Some well-reputed taxi companies are Taxi Metro, Taxi Seguro, and Taxi Movil.

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