10 facts about Peru that will make you add it to your bucket list


Peru is a fascinating country full of wonder and adventure, and these facts are sure to make travelers appreciate this beautiful destination even more.

Home to a diverse cultural heritage and natural wonders, Peru is a favorite place for travel destinations. Peru has the famous Machu Picchu and the extension of the Amazon forest, but apart from these monuments, this beautiful country has so much to offer. Many other natural wonders and cultural heritage sites, food and drink originate from its people. Below are the facts about Peru that will make every traveler add it to their bucket list:

ten Peru is the world’s leading culinary destination

The capital of Peru, Lima, is home to some of the best restaurants listed in the best restaurants in the world. Peruvian cuisine is known for its colorful and spicy dishes and diverse culinary creativity. Peru’s best restaurant is Central, located in Lima, which uses fresh local produce. Some of the seafood specialties served like clams, scallops and squid are harvested on the Amazon coast. Another restaurant is the Maido, which also operates in the capital. This restaurant offers a diverse cuisine because it is inspired by both Peruvian and Japanese cultures.

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9 Tourists can enjoy Peru for 15 days, according to data

Peru has been reported to be the most popular travel destination on the South American continent. Peru offers a 15-day trip to the Sacred Land of the Incas, an organized tour with a perfect itinerary for travelers to have a productive vacation in every corner of Peru. The cost for this tour starts at $ 3,278 with meals, transportation, accommodations, and activities to enjoy. If tourists don’t have much time, there’s also an 8-day Inca Trail trip that starts at $ 1,275.

8 Peru is proud of its craft beer

Peru hosts Lima Beer Week, where different breweries participate and are proud of their brands. This festival takes place in various places around Lima where people can enjoy it freely. The Peruvian Food Tour also offers a memorable trip to the Sacred Valley where customers can visit the brewery and taste. There are a lot of breweries around the Sacred Valley, and one of the best is Cerveceria del Valle. This brasserie serves local beers with flavors of passion fruit and Maras salt.

seven Guinea pig becomes a delicacy in Peru

One of Peru’s most exciting specialties is guinea pig. It is not just a simple pet, but it is the pride of Peru. The dish is called “Cuy”, the most popular dish in Peru that is eaten with bare hands and fully cooked. It is said to taste similar to the taste of chicken. There is also a guinea pig flavored pizza in the city of Cusco. The delicacies of the guinea pig have been present in Peru for 5,000 years.

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6 The highest navigable lake in the world is in Peru

The beautiful Lake Titicaca borders Peru and Bolivia and is considered the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake is located in the Altiplano and spans 12,500 feet. Over 40 islands lie within the lake, and the indigenous community of Uros makes a living here fishing and selling crafts to every visitor. There are also lakeside accommodations where tourists can stay and safely mingle with locals in the community. This is also where tourists learn more about the Peruvian way of life and its culture.

5 Peru humiliates one of the world’s tallest waterfalls

Located in the Chachapoyas region is the Upper Amazon, where the Gocta Falls are located. This waterfall dominating the wild jungle of the Upper Amazon is known as one of the highest waterfalls in the world, with a drop of 700 meters. The falls can be seen anywhere in the valley. To get a closer look, tourists must take a trek from Cocachimba town and have some horseback riding experience. The falls are surrounded by lush green jungle and mountains.

4 Peru is rich in textiles

Peruvian textiles are irresistible, which is why tourists are strongly recommended to leave extra space in their luggage for colorful and beautifully woven fabrics. There are many craft markets and street vendors in Peru, but the best city that offers cheap and beautiful crafts is in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. The traditional Pisac market in the Sacred Valley offers colorful souvenirs and fluffy alpaca sweaters. Chinchero also hosts a weekly market where tourists can buy souvenirs, ornaments and traditional products.

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3 Peru is a hiking enthusiast’s paradise

Peru prides itself on its trails, from seasonal hikers to veterans. There are over eight popular hiking spots in Peru, and the most famous of them is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Although this is a 42 kilometer one way hike, it is leveled as complex due to its difficult obstacles and high elevation. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy along the way – there are plenty of attractions to enjoy by every hiker – the flat terrain, the river crossing, ruins, and villages. The most leisurely hike is the hike to Lomas de Lucumo, the best for family hikes and is about 2.5 miles.

2 Peru has famous beaches

Like its culture and people, Peru also has various beaches along its 1553 miles of coastline. Tourists can enjoy the scenery of seabirds and sea lions on the shore of Paracas, Ica, where there are plenty of places to stay from the cheapest to the most luxurious. Cerro Azul, Canete is a perfect spot for surfers as well as Lobitos, Piura. Other popular beaches include Barlovento, Tuquillo, Puerto Viejo, El Silencio, Chicama, Los Organos, and Punta Sal.

1 Tourists can explore the Amazon rainforest

Peru is known to be rich in biodiversity due to the Amazon rainforest. There are many ways to explore it and many activities for visitors to learn while learning. It is also a perfect place for animal lovers as there are armadillos, different kinds of monkeys, giant otters etc. The Amazon rainforest occupies more than 60% of the land of Peru. Activities here include boat rides, tasting unique fruits, jungle walks, and kayaking.

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