5,000 foreigners expelled from Peru in almost two years | News | ANDEAN


In nearly two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 6,000 resolutions to deport foreign citizens have been issued in Peru.

In an interview with the Andina news agency, the official indicated that the causes of these expulsions are linked to the presentation of false documents and the lies of foreign citizens on criminal and criminal records. Criminals who have already served their sentence should also be deported.

However, there is also another group of citizens who have decided to leave Peru voluntarily.

Del Aguila explained that it is not easy to carry out an expulsion because, in the case of Venezuelans, their country does not share a border with Peru.

Thus, two countries (Ecuador and Colombia) must be crossed at times when the borders are closed due to health problems. Travel can only be done by plane, and each deported citizen must be accompanied by two police officers, so it must be organized very carefully with the Interior Ministry.
Del Aguila clarified that his office only has jurisdiction over cases involving administrative or civil irregularities. However, in the case of foreigners who have committed a crime, this becomes the competence of the prosecution and the judiciary.

In the event that foreign citizens are sentenced, once they have served their sentence, the expulsion decision is issued.

Today, the Ministry of Interior authorized the transfer of S / 422,847 (approximately US $ 102,409) to the Ministry of Defense to perform the air transfer service of Venezuelan citizens to their country of origin, who will be expelled from the national territory on October 2.


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