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Online poker may be at an early stage of growth in Peru, but the country benefits from comprehensive legislation at the federal level. Domestic players can legally access any site, whether onshore or offshore. The government has no restrictions on gaming venues or sites. Players retain the choice of selecting government regulated and operated gaming sites or foreign sites. As a result, players have the largest collection of poker games and other forms of gambling on an openly regulated platform.

The open regulation is “surprising”, considering that online gambling did not become legal until 2008. But, it does work and allows players to access multiple games and grow the industry! Foreign and local gambling owners can compete for the operating license guaranteeing “fair competition”, “wide variety of games” and “continuous upgrades”. The idea is to provide quality players at all times. It can be seen that the country’s first operating license for online gambling has been awarded to Betsson, a UK based gambling site!

Peru online gambling legislation

The Peruvian economy has experienced a “boom” in recent years, leading to increased incomes and living standards. Economic growth has resulted in gambling halls and an increase in the number of tourists. Gambling in the country has been legal for many years, but the country lacks proper regulations. The country has more than 48 licensed and operational casinos, more than 800 slot machine rooms and rooms, poker rooms, horse racing and many more.

The country has yet to develop a functional legal framework to govern online gambling. Rumors have been circulating, and one site has a quote from Benavente indicating that the government is considering inducing a tax rate on all casino profits of around 12%. He states that only companies that have obtained Peruvian approval and license will be subject to the tax rate. However, this rule has not yet been adopted and remains a bill!

Passing the bill doesn’t matter much to the locals as the country does not have a company offering “online poker locally!” this may not be a problem anymore. Yet, with the spread of virtual online poker sites, it is crucial to have appropriate regulations ready and in place to protect the interests of the citizens and the companies providing the service and the government. The situation is all the more “disastrous” as the country does not prohibit players from accessing and playing online poker on foreign sites.

Online poker in Peru

The popularity of online poker in Peru is on the rise. Since the game of skill is not as popular among the locals, the country is expected to grow steadily as more people engage in the few live poker rooms present in the country than in virtual poker. or online. Even though 40% of the country’s population have access to online poker and sites such as casinoonlineperu.com.pe, very few play the game with sports betting and horse racing. These have priority because of their “Status”.

Another challenge affecting online poker is the lack of a local poker provider. In a country of over 30 million people, the lack of a local poker provider in Peru is a major problem. However, the country prides itself on ensuring peace and fair play in all its dealings. Therefore, the country does not block any foreign or offshore accounts for Peruvian players. Taking such a position to support players by licensing offshore accounts has worked well for the Peruvian government. In addition, the ban on smoking on casino floors in most land-based poker rooms has resulted in an increase in the number of live online poker players. Since the online poker industry in Latin America is still in its infancy, Peru still has a chance to come out and strengthen the industry in the future.

Peru remains open to new game ideas. The government could take a step towards regulating the industry. However, the ideas of regulation will have to meet the current expectations of the players. The idea of ​​a local online poker site may be overtaken and competed with by other major and international providers. The government must weigh all the potential outcomes to keep the atmosphere current with good games and uninterrupted access!

Why play poker in Peru

Players in Peru have the advantage of choosing the right poker site to meet their current needs. Since the government has no major objections to the site you choose, it is essential to know and identify only the best. Choose a reputable site in the country and abroad, offers you quality and appropriate gifts or rewards, and has a unique and user-friendly platform! Some of the sites that fall into this category include the 888, Party, Titan, and Black Chip Poker sites. The choice is yours!

Take a look at the top players appearing in the player database. Diego Ventura, a Peruvian poker star, appears on the list with $ 1.250 million in poker winnings. Professional players can win huge sums of money if they play for real, fun and professional level! Diego did and won $ 907,080 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2015. Tal Avivi, owner of a hotel in Peru, pocketed the WSOP The circuit rings twice in a single year (2019). Therefore, Peru remains a perfect destination for anyone wishing to play poker online!

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