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Lima’s Sixth Constitutional Court has decided to reject the appeal filed, so that the National Election Jury (JNE) will grant him the credentials of a member of Congress elected last April for the period 2021-26.

The complaint alleged that the disqualification, due to signs of corruption, was approved by parliament days after the general election in April this year, in which Vizcarra was the parliamentary candidate with the most votes.

The opinion unfavorable to the ex-governor indicates that “in no case whoever can reach the post of member of Congress excluded from the exercise of the public service”.

Before the ruling, the ex-president cited international court records which, in a similar case, ordered that a disqualified candidate be favored because the right of those who voted for him to be represented must prevail, and said that he would appeal to these authorities.

Vizcarra was disqualified in April of this year from exercising public functions, including elective ones, for 10 years, the Congress of the Republic having considered that he violated the constitution by ordering that he be secretly and unduly vaccinated against the Covid-19 under investigation. .

On the other hand, the former president is the subject of an investigation by the public prosecutor for having collected bribes in exchange for public works contracts, while he was governor of the southern region of Moquegua, which was denounced by businessmen who say they paid him millionaire bribes.

The former governor was released (dismissed) in November 2020 on these charges after a summary investigation by the opposition parliament and is also awaiting another investigation for the irregular hiring as a consultant to the Ministry of Culture of a singer without qualification for the post.

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