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Pavilion offers insight into why the country is known as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

A transcendental journey through many landscapes is what you will witness as you enter the colorful pavilion of Peru, known for its great diversity of climates, lifestyles and economic activities.

The pavilion of the Latin American country is based on the concept of ‘Timeless Peru’, highlighting the fact that the country goes beyond time and space in terms of innovation and knowledge that it aims to use. to build a better world.

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The second largest among the countries of Latin America, the Peru pavilion covers an area of ​​2,500 square meters spread over four floors, and has rooms dedicated to commercial interactions and a restaurant to promote its gastronomy.

The Peruvian exhibition offers a sensory experience through its past, present and future heritage as heirs of an ancient wisdom, which transcends time and connects to the planet. Plus, through this journey through snow-capped peaks, highlands, cloud forest, rainforest, and the Pacific coast, visitors will discover why Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

What captivates visitors to the Expo site is the colorful exterior of the pavilion which is “covered” by a traditional lliclla, an Andean garment. This is a hand-woven rectangular shoulder fabric that Peruvian women wear as a symbol of resilience and shelter. Visitors to the pavilion can look forward to a transcendent journey through many landscapes and tourist attractions in different parts of the country, showcasing various aspects of the multicultural and mega-diverse country of the country.

Highlights of the Peru pavilion

Speaking on the highlights of the pavilion, Amora Carbajal Schumacher, Executive Chairperson of the Commission for the Promotion of Exports and Tourism (Promperu) said Khaleej weather: “The experience takes place in this pavilion of 4 floors and is divided into three chapters: The first chapter: Welcome and reconnection takes place on the first floor, it includes the waiting area, the entrance, the representation of the big Q ‘eswachaka Bridge and the oval area. The concept of mobility that characterizes Peruvian culture is enjoyed on the main deck at the entrance. It is a simulation of the famous Inca bridge, the Q’eswachaka, made of ichu, like the ancestral ships “caballitos de totora”.

The second chapter: Learning and Reflection takes place on the third floor and it is a journey through the biodiversity of Peru. The third chapter: Transcendence takes place on the second floor. Here the journey ends. To highlight the contribution of Peruvians today to the world, through their gastronomy and their art.

Speaking about their participation in the event, Amora said, “At Expo 2020 Dubai, we want to build bridges with the world, we want to infect visitors with our DNA, ‘Peruvianize’ them and invite them to learn from the past. , to build the present and imagine the future. We will offer culinary presentations not to be missed as Peru is a land of unique delicacies that come from a millennial history with strong roots and important flavors that come from the precious contributions of migrations that have allowed us to merge good taste and to create new knowledge that we will share with the world with open arms.

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