FA Min: The world sees Peru as an attractive investment destination | News | ANDEAN


stressed on Tuesday that the world views Peru as a country that promotes private investment with legal stability.

Likewise, the government official pointed out that Peruvian exports have increased to the world. In this sense, he indicated that it is the duty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote them.

“Peru performed well in the presentations (in front of businessmen from different parts of the world); we have held five (meetings) in the four months that I am leading the portfolio, ”Ambassador Maurtua told RPP TV and radio station.

According to the diplomat, the meetings took place in various fields with European and North American businessmen, “recently in Italy with the Chamber of Commerce (delegates), with the 12 most powerful entrepreneurs of this country, and the confidence is to invest in Peru. “

In addition, the minister affirmed that the investors concentrate on the destinations where there is profitability. In this sense, he pointed out that there has been no change in this legislation in Peru, but rather the will to promote it.

Ambassador Maurtua also noted that Peru is currently going through a period when global mineral prices are a huge draw.

“We are at a point of significant growth,” he noted.

In addition, he affirmed that there is currently no “absence of pilot” within the Government.

“The president has constantly given messages on the current situation, noting that, if there are accusations, arguments against him, that they are properly supported,” he concluded.



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