In 2020, Peru consolidated itself as the world’s second largest exporter of grapes


In the first half of the year, Peruvian grape shipments totaled $ 521,792,000, 29.4% more than the $ 403,207,000 made in the same period of the previous year, according to the Agro-Export Management of the Exporters. Association (ADEX).

The United States was the main destination with $ 240,635,000 and 46% of the total. It was followed by Hong Kong ($ 80,603,000), the Netherlands ($ 56,148,000), Mexico ($ 23,555,000) and China ($ 21,749,000). All of them have increased their demand.

According to Lizbeth Pumasunco Rivera, Business Intelligence Coordinator of the CIEN-ADEX Global Business and Economy Research Center, grapes are Peru’s most important agricultural export product and are characterized by their quality, taste and good price. She also recommended that the sector identify more buyers, participate in business tours and international fairs, such as Expoalimentaria, and strengthen members of the production chain.

“Peruvian grapes have been able to access more markets thanks to the trade agreements the country has signed and the work done by businessmen and Senasa (National Agrarian Health Service). Thus, in 2020, Peru was able to position itself as the second largest exporter of grapes in the world, after China, ”she said.

Last year, the world grape market was worth $ 10,179,800,000, 5.8% higher than the previous year. The United States was the world’s largest buyer with 18.5% of the total value (1,887,600,000), followed by the Netherlands with 8.1% ($ 822 million) and Germany with 7.8 % ($ 789,700,000).

Last year, Peruvian grape exports amounted to $ 1,034,400,000. Fresh grapes made up 99.6% of the total, while grape juice, jellies and jams made up the remaining 0.4%.

Ica was the largest region, accounting for 45% of all exports with $ 463,500,000. It was followed by Piura with 42% ($ 431 million) and Lambayeque with 5.7% ($ 58,600,000).

According to CIEN-ADEX, the average FOB price of conventional grapes last year was $ 2.43 per kilogram. Its highest price in the UK was $ 3.24 in September and its lowest price was $ 1.03 in March. Meanwhile, the average price for organic grapes was $ 3.27 per kilo. The highest price was recorded in the UK and the Netherlands ($ 5.69 per kilo in November) and the lowest price was recorded in the United States ($ 1.16 per kilo in November) .

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