Lord of Sipan’s exhibit showcases Peru’s extraordinary heritage at Expo 2020 Dubai


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: The Commission for the Promotion of Peru (PROMPERÚ) has announced that the Peru pavilion installed at Expo 2020 Dubai is dazzling the world with the temporary exhibition titled “The Mochicas, Masters of the Desert”. Here, international visitors can admire the replicas of the Lord of Sipán and Old Lord of Sipán jewelry made by artisans in the Lambayeque region, as well as gain access to valuable information and a life-size representation of the elite. of the Mochica culture.

The exhibition opened on December 15 and will run until January 31, 2022. This joint effort is organized by PROMPERÚ and the Patronato de Sipán – a non-profit association that works on the research, conservation and promotion of archaeological heritage of northern Peru – to promote the riches found in the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, a find considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

To convey the spirit of this culture and its extraordinary development, six of the mannequins created by the famous artist Edilberto Mérida Pilares are based on physiognomic models of the descendants of the Mochica people. This work is exhibited at the Peru Pavilion.

The same heirs of the Mochica cultural identity were responsible for recreating, with fantastic fidelity, the ornaments and objects that the royal court used in times of splendor: the craftsmen of Lambayeque, Armando Gil, Segundo Gonzales and Johnny Aldana, carefully designed the most striking jewelry so that the historical figures of the Mochica elite can be represented richly dressed to demonstrate their rank and power.

The Peruvian pavilion is presented with the concept “Timeless Peru”, which seeks to connect the present with the future and to build bridges between our country and the world. In this sense, Peru’s past is represented by the surprising Mochica civilization and its magnificent goldsmith’s work. At the same time, the present manifests itself among the inhabitants of the region, who, through memory and art, bring the Mochica culture to life. Showcasing this glorious past at Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s largest cultural event supports the identity of Peruvians today and helps shape their future.


José Carlos Collazos

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