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Between January and September, Peruvian agricultural exports (traditional and non-traditional) totaled $ 5.804 billion, a 19.7% increase over the same period in 2020, the Association of Peruvian Exporters reported on Friday. (Adex).

The guild said that, although the figures show a positive trend, it is essential to rely on a supportive and stable legal framework over time in order to ensure the fluidity of investments in the medium and long term, as well as to support joint efforts. with the public sector.

In this sense, Adex has expressed its interest in actively participating in the Second Agrarian Reform, which is why it has sent a letter to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation asking it to participate in this initiative and thus support jointly family farming.
In addition, Adex participates in various working groups to promote products such as pepper, passion fruit and others. It also supports the work of the National Agricultural Sanitation Service (Senasa) which seeks to facilitate the entry of agricultural supply into new markets.

Added value

According to Adex, non-traditional agricultural exports totaled US $ 5.4 billion, reaching an increase of 21.8 percent. Its most notable product was avocado (US $ 1.053 billion), followed by blueberries (US $ 608 million) and grapes (US $ 528 million).

The shipments with the strongest growth in the top 20 were those of avocados (+ 41.1%), blueberries (+ 40.4%), other preparations for feeding animals (+ 29.6%), pomegranates (+ 28.4%) and canned peppers (+ 27.4%.


Peruvian agro-exports have reached 133 countries. This list was dominated by the United States (US $ 1.742 billion; + 17.2%) followed by the Netherlands (US $ 935 million; + 22.8%).

The top five also included Spain (US $ 386 million), Chile (US $ 278 million) and the United Kingdom (US $ 231 million).

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