Peru: Executive files complaint against confidence motion | News | ANDEAN


an unconstitutionality appeal against Law 31355, which interprets the motion of confidence regulated by articles 132 and 133 of the Political Constitution.

The document was submitted to the TC by the public prosecutor specializing in constitutional matters, Luis Huerta, under the protection of articles 47 and 203, paragraph 1 of the Constitution.

Huerta demanded that the measure be allowed in order to continue the process and obtain the nullity of the authentic interpretation law approved by Congress.

The request calls into question the constitutionality of the aforementioned law for violation of Articles 43, 102, 118, 132 and 133 of the Constitution.

Therefore, he asks the constitutional Court declare the total unconstitutionality of the bill – for reasons of form and substance – because it contravenes the following provisions of the Political Constitution and the organic law of the TC:

– Article 43 of the Constitution, which recognizes the principle of the separation of powers. It includes the balance and balance between executive and legislative powers.

– Article 102, paragraph 1, of the Constitution, on the competence of Congress to interpret laws.

– Article 118, number 3, of the Constitution, which recognizes the competence of the Executive Power to direct and execute the general policy of the government.

– Articles 132 and 133 of the Constitution, on the issue of optional trust.


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