Peru. FA Min condemns military offensive against Ukraine at Human Rights Council | News | ANDEAN


—the main United Nations organizations based in Geneva— condemning the military offensive against Ukraine, which undermines its territorial integrity, its national sovereignty, and which constitutes an act of aggression, according to

At both forums, the Peruvian cabinet member demanded an immediate ceasefire and an end to all hostilities.

Likewise, the Minister called on the parties concerned to find peaceful solutions to their differences through diplomatic negotiation – with full respect for international law and Charter of the United Nations.

Furthermore, the government official expressed Peru’s solidarity with the affected civilian population and demanded their protection in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Within the human rights councilthe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed Peru’s unequivocal commitment to respecting, promoting and defending the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all, as a state policy that underpins the actions of the Peruvian government.

He also ratified Peru’s aspiration to become a member of the Council again during the period 2024-2026, a sign of the importance he attaches to this intergovernmental body.

For his part, at disarmament conference and given the delicate international security situation, Minister Landa appealed to the political will of States to emerge from the paralysis of this UN body and immediately begin negotiations on legally binding instruments on issues as complex as nuclear weapons, the very existence of which threatens collective security and jeopardizes the survival of the planet.

In addition to participating in these two important United Nations events, the Minister’s working visit (February 28 to March 1) includes meetings with the leaders of various international organizations to discuss foreign policy issues. Peruvian.

Editor’s note: Information provided by the Permanent Representation of Peru to international organizations based in Geneva.



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