“Peru is an excellent supplier of food products, but so is Spain, and the two countries complement each other”


This year, Peru again participated in the International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector Fruit Attraction, organized by Ifema Madrid in Spain, which is the third most important market for Peruvian agriculture (behind the United States and the Netherlands). As revealed in the latest Peruvian monthly export report, prepared by Promperu’s Market Information Department, Peru’s total agricultural exports to Spain through July reached a FOB value of 307 million. US dollars in 2021, registering an annual growth of 22%.

“Peru was one of the first to show interest in participating in Fruit Attraction 2021, and from my point of view this edition was a success and exceeded all expectations,” said Joan Manuel Barrena, consultant in economic trade of Promperu in Spain. “The Peruvian pavilion featured 16 companies and 5 associations which in turn brought together 10 companies and, according to data provided to us by Ifema, 260 Peruvian trade visitors from 186 companies offering agricultural products or services were registered. In commercial terms, all the companies exhibiting at the Peruvian pavilion were very satisfied with the quality of the visitors they received from Spain, France, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates or even India, as well as the scale of the show. “

Peru can offer a wide range of agricultural products and has a high production capacity thanks to the climatic diversity conferred by its topography (with the Andes Cordillera), which in turn, results in great ecological diversity. In fact, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), in 2020 Peru was the world’s largest exporter of fresh blueberries and quinoa, the second largest exporter of avocados, fresh asparagus, canned asparagus and peeled chestnuts, the third largest exporter of whole ginger and the world’s fourth largest exporter of fresh grapes, mangoes and peas. Last year it remained in the ranking of the world’s top 10 exporters, with a total of 37 different products. “Peru is indeed an excellent supplier of food products, but so is Spain, and the two countries complement each other, as they produce each other out of season,” explains Joan Manuel.

The main products exhibited at the fair, and the most requested by visitors, were avocados, grapes and asparagus, which this year were downgraded by avocados as the most exported Peruvian fresh product to Spain; although they are not the only ones, says the economic and commercial adviser of Promperu.

“We also presented our mangoes, pomegranates, citrus fruits and ginger, as well as our range of ethnic products, which have great potential. Fruits and vegetables in this category are on the rise in Spain, and not only among those of the country’s great Peruvians. and the Latin American community. On average, 150,000 tourists come to Peru each year to discover the local gastronomy; there are more than 220 Peruvian restaurants that are in a way the ambassadors of these products and have popularized peppers, a very important ingredient in our cuisine, limes, widely used in ceviche, lucuma, which is a product with which we make ice cream, ollucos or purple corn. In fact, today these ethnic products are not only aimed at Peruvian or Latin American consumers, but also at Spanish consumers, ”says Joan Manuel Barrena.

New products could enter Spain in the short term
Peru’s Promotion Commission for Export and Tourism, Promperu, works to promote Peruvian value-added products on the world market, bringing the national supply closer to international importers and promoting business opportunities in Peru.

“Regarding the entry of new products, we are doing the necessary work at the request of the Peruvian private sector. If he asks for a new product to be introduced in a market, we are doing it. introduce organic pineapples, bananas and persimmons to Spain in the short term. In fact, even before the pandemic, we heard from a Peruvian company interested in importing Spanish persimmons and, in turn, exporting them to Spain to ensure year-round supply. “

“During the fair, we also exhibited the Ataulfo ​​mango, which is a yellow, small and very sweet mango, and we have received many requests from Spanish companies who have shown great interest in this fruit,” explains the professional.

“We are very happy to have been at Fruit Attraction, which is consolidating itself as a very important fair for the Peruvian fresh sector, and which is also being held on an important date, just before the start of the blueberry and grape harvests. grapes in Peru. The number of visitors and the interest aroused by Peruvian and Spanish companies ratify the importance of this fair for Peru, so we will return in 2022 in a larger space which should allow us to attract more Peruvian companies and serve more visitors, ”said Joan Manuel Barrena.

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Joan Manuel Barrena
Economic and commercial advisor
Peru Trade Office in Madrid


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