Peru will host the APEC Forum in 2024 | News | ANDEAN


announced last Thursday.

According to a statement issued on the aforementioned day, the announcement was made by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in his capacity as the current APEC chair.

The Peruvian government agency stressed that this foreign policy achievement represents a clear opportunity for the country to consolidate its international projection in the most innovative, dynamic and fastest growing region in the world.

Likewise, it will allow Peru to position itself as an investment and tourism destination, which will contribute to the post-pandemic economic recovery process.

Throughout the year, APEC 2024 will bring together the presence of leaders, ministers of foreign affairs and foreign trade, senior officials, academics, experts and business leaders from economies such as : the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Canada. , among others of the most dynamic in the world.

Given that APEC is an international space of great importance for economic and technical cooperation, as well as for the promotion of trade and investment facilitation measures, the 2024 Presidency will be a valuable opportunity for Peru to lead the issues of collective interest to the forum, which have a positive effect on the national agenda.

For example, the transition of informal economic agents to the formal economy, the economic empowerment of women, small and medium enterprises, innovation and digitalization, environmental sustainability, the fight against corruption and food security, among others.

Between 2016 and 2021, APEC granted Peru $2.8 million to fund 36 projects in areas related to health, science and technology, SMEs, innovation, food security , tourism, transport, among others. These data reveal the importance of the economic and technical cooperation offered by this forum to the South American country.

Peru had previously hosted the APEC summits in 2008 and 2016.

APEC promotes quality economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. It is therefore a forum where a social diplomacy is developed which contributes to facing the great economic and social challenges of Peru, while allowing the benefits of economic and technical cooperation to be used for the benefit of vulnerable sectors, between others, as well as the strengthening of institutional and sectoral capacities that contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.



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