Peruvian exports could exceed US $ 52 billion in 2021 | News | ANDEAN


could reach a record figure exceeding $ 52 billion at the end of 2021, which would represent a growth of 25% compared to 2020, predicted the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL).

According to the official of the CCL, this result is due to the state policy implemented for 20 years, which has contributed to the development and growth of Peru’s GDP.

Posada said that in order to resume export growth, it is important that the government implements concrete measures to reactivate the sector to generate more foreign exchange inflows and jobs.

In this sense, Idexcam presented its Export Reactivation Plan composed of four work pillars: (i) Adequate use of trade agreements, (ii) Strengthening of logistics infrastructure and foreign trade legislation, (iii) Implementation in place of new fiscal mechanisms, and (iv) Introduction of ICT in Peruvian foreign trade.

In this regard, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, Peter Anders, said that at present it is essential to accelerate trade integration into the world economy, through instruments such as as regional or bilateral trade agreements.

Anders added that Peru relies on 21 preferential and binding trade agreements with 54 countries, which represent no less than 90% of the destination markets for Peruvian exports.

The executive director of Idexcam participated in the XVI International Summit of Foreign Trade, a virtual event organized by the CCL.


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