Peruvian government withdraws writers from Guadalajara fair, others resign


Lima, Sept. 23 (EFE) .- Several Peruvian writers resigned this Thursday from the delegation that will represent Peru as guest of honor at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara (Mexico) in solidarity with nine other colleagues who were excluded the day before by the Government from the list of participants.

Among the authors who have resigned to participate in the thirty-fifth edition of the Guadalajara Literary Competition are Alonso Cueto, Mariana De Althaus, Juan Carlos Cortázar, Victoria Guerrero, Rafael Dumett, Micaela Chiriff and Gustavo Rodríguez.

In this way, they demonstrated against the Ministry of Culture by removing Renato Cisneros, Karina Pacheco, Katya Adaui, Gabriela Wiener, Jorge Eslava, Cronwell Jara, Ch’aska Anka Ninawaman, Carmen McEvoy and Nelly Luna Amancio from the delegation.

Under the pretext of leaving a place in the delegation to authors from the interior regions of the country, the Ministry of Culture changed the composition of the delegation, which had already been confirmed, to exclude those it considered to have already represented the Peru recently in other cultural competitions

“The measures taken by the Minister of Culture (Ciro Gálvez) concerning the delegation of Peruvian writers to the Guadalajara Fair seem to me absurd and discriminatory. I resigned from my participation for this reason, “Alonso Cueto said on social media.

For her part, the playwright Mariana De Althaus assured that she does not want to be part of a group which “was formed according to unacceptable criteria and which attack the careers of nine writers of height and trajectory, mainly that of three important writers such as Gabriela Wiener, Katya Adaui and Karina Pacheco ”.

De Althaus explained that the objective of a country’s participation as a guest at a fair such as Guadalajara is “to offer the best possible quality delegation to promote its writers and its publishing industry” .

“I am saddened and concerned by Minister Ciro Gálvez’s ignorance of the publishing industry and the importance of an event like this,” said De Althaus.

The playwright felt that “including unknown writers who have never been to an international fair may be very good if they are shown to have enough merit, but removing proven writers and merit so that the others participate is a parody of all Peruvians ”.

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