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Peruvian President Castillo sacks far-left Prime Minister Bellido

Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 09:50 UTC

Castillo dismissed far left Bellido in a bid to restore confidence in his own government after announcing second land reform

Bellido will be replaced by Mirtha Vásquez, former president of the Congress and from Cajamarca, the region of origin of Castillo
Bellido will be replaced by Mirtha Vásquez, former president of the Congress and from Cajamarca, the region of origin of Castillo

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Terrones underwent his first cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday following the resignation of Prime Minister Guido Bellido.

Only a few hours after the announcement of the second agrarian reform of Peru, Castillo was to appear before Congress to announce that “today we accept the resignation of the President of the Council of Ministers Guido Bellido Ugarte, whom I thank for the services rendered.

Castillo said he decided to “make decisions in favor of governability” and persisted in advocating with the economic, political and social sectors for “greater unity in order to achieve common goals”, such as the reactivation of the Peruvian economy. It’s time to put Peru above all ideological and partisan positions.

Bellido has made it clear that he left the government at Castillo’s request. We don’t know what the reasons were. Today the president asked me to submit my resignation letter, and I immediately granted that request. ??

The now former prime minister also said Castillo “makes the decision according to his political criteria”.

We have not had any disagreements with the president. Yesterday we were discussing different issues? Bellido added.

Bellido will be replaced by Mirtha Vásquez, former president of the Congress and originally from Cajamarca, the region of origin of Castillo, she is a lawyer specializing in human rights and was even to occupy the post of interim president in the middle of a recent political crisis.

She was sworn in as Prime Minister in a ceremony in which six other cabinet changes were announced: the portfolios of Education, Interior, Culture, Labor, Production and of Mines and Energy will have new incumbents.

One of them was the Minister of the Economy Pedro Francke. Despite having been the coordinator of Castillo’s campaign in the region, it has never pleased the radical wing of the Peru Free Party, whose leader Vladimir Cerrón considers a foreigner and calls him the “caviar left. “.

Considered the moderate name of the cabinet, Francke defends the country following a center-left economic model, like the Uruguayan Broad Front set up when it was in power. He has already repeated that, under Castillo, there would be a “clear separation” ?? between the government and the administration of Free Peru.

Also on board, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Oscar Maúrtua, with whom Bellido has experienced departures due to the latter’s relations with Venezuela. The Castillo government has avoided expressing open support for Nicolás Maduro and leaving the Lima group.

Castillo’s administration is already experiencing low approval rates despite not taking office until July 28. Bellido had been criticized since his appointment and even faces a terrorism apology trial for his statements in favor of the late Sendero Luminoso leader Abimael Guzmán, who was the last to die. months at the age of 86 in prison, serving a life sentence for terrorism.

Bellido is also involved in a case known as “Dynamics of the Center”, with the leader of Free Peru Vladimir Cerrón, consisting of alleged money laundering from the time when Cerrón was governor of Junín.

The 2019 indictment targets transportation departments in the Peruvian province, from where, according to the prosecutor’s office, money was diverted to Castillo’s presidential campaign.

The President of the Congress, the opponent María del Carmen Alva, welcomed the resignation of the Prime Minister. “After several days of unnecessary uncertainty and ministers questioned, we welcome President Castillo’s decision to change ministerial cabinet,” she wrote on social media. ?? Congress has the greatest disposition for dialogue and governance. ??

The fact that the move removed a more left-wing name from a key government post, however, displeased Peru Libre management. At the end of the swearing-in ceremony, party spokesman and brother of Vladimir Cerrón, Waldemar, said the party would not support the new ministerial cabinet and that there had been betrayal of those who did. been elected to represent the people. “

Bellido will now return to Congress as an elected legislator on behalf of Free Peru, which has 37 seats that do not represent the majority. The now former prime minister belongs to the most radical wing of the Marxist-Leninist acronym that surprisingly came to the Peruvian presidency. In a tight second round, Castillo beat right winger Keiko Fujimori with 50.12% of valid votes.

Three weeks after starting his presidency, Castillo had already been granted the dubious honor of being the leader with less popular approval at the start of his tenure for the past 20 years, according to an Ipsos poll released by the newspaper from Lima El Comercio, which showed the rural teacher had 38% acceptance and 45% rejection.

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