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Likewise, the Head of State urged bad entrepreneurs not to take advantage of the crisis or the distress of the populations. Instead, he suggested that they treat workers well and respect their rights, as well as act responsibly towards the environment and the rights of communities.

In addition, the senior official called on entrepreneurs to comply with their tax obligations, reminding them that said resources are then allocated to sectors such as health, education and social works.

In addition, the president asserted that the social market economy does not allow monopolies, oligopolies or price fixing agreements, but rather promotes and protects the interests of the majority, stimulating free competition without tolerating the use of the law for their own benefit, unlike small groups that do.

“If we want to guarantee the economic stability of the country, we must eradicate certain practices. Macroeconomic growth will have been of little use to us, if bad practices and vices remain entrenched and are used to obtain profits,” he said. -he declares.

Under this premise, the president said that the foundations must be laid for more just and more equitable growth.

“We must shape a modern state at the service of the citizens,” he added.

After stating that since the campaign, and in recent times, he had received criticism from certain sectors, Mr. Castillo claimed that his administration had not expropriated any business or taken anything from any businessman.

The president also reminded entrepreneurs that GDP growth is not enough if it is not accompanied by social well-being for all and if development leaves the poorest citizens behind.

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