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The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo said on Tuesday that work and more education for citizens will enable the country to move forward, as well as the promotion of fair laws in favor of all workers throughout the country.

According to the Head of State, the desired development is achieved through work, without corruption, with integrity, and by supporting the education of young people.

Therefore, he stressed that his government will stand up for workers who, day after day, earn their living with dignity.

“Do not take advantage of the newspaper vendors, laborers, farmers, teachers and doctors. We will move the country forward by working, educating our children, helping our brothers and our families. The Newspaper Vendor Law is already a reality. We need to regulate it so that our brothers can enjoy all their rights, “he said.

In a meeting with the newspaper sellers’ union, the country’s top official warned that some people were against labor rights or against citizens who fought in public squares to voice their complaints in such a way. fair.

“It is not about seeing people released or Pedro Castillo, no. The point is that some people have not yet understood and do not embody the fact that there is a government of all Peruvians here. , so I call for the unity of people to work very hard, ”he noted.

In this regard, the Peruvian leader made an open appeal so that professionals in the country also rise to the challenge of the government and can work for the good of the country.

In addition, President Castillo explained that the increase in the price of certain products and the US dollar is not due to the arrival of a representative of the people in the government.


Posted: 10/5/2021


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