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16:56 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), September 26.

Peruvian Prime Minister Guido Bellido Sunday claimed that the second land reform promoted by the government will focus on water supply, low-interest credit for farmers and access to fertilizers.

The chief of staff noted that agriculture is important to achieve food sovereignty and that concrete actions are needed to ensure conditions for farmers.

“We need irrigation and water systems. Agriculture will not exist if we do not invest in water. Water harvesting is a priority for the government, as well as the various irrigation systems. We will deepen this work, not only in Arequipa, but at the national level, ”he said.

In this sense, the senior official pointed out that the second agrarian reform will focus on guaranteeing water, low-interest loans for farmers and access to fertilizers, a resource currently limited and for which a mechanism is sought to facilitate access to farmers.

“We need tools, and areas where agriculture is intensive require market research, certification of crops, products, technical-productive assistance – tasks that must be undertaken by the government, so that producers are responsible for production, ”he commented.

Bellido said if producers continue to perform these tasks, they will be at a disadvantage compared to their peers in other countries.

“This is what we will put more emphasis in the second land reform,” said the head of the ministerial cabinet.


Posted: 9/26/2021


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