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60% of postal items leaving Peru go to the United States of America as their final destination, Peruvian Postal Services (Serpost) managing director Alexander Infantes said Thursday.

According to the officer, the country with the second highest number of postal items by Peruvians is Chile, followed by other countries in Latin America and Europe.

Regarding products arriving in Peru, Infantes said that 70% of them come mainly from Asian countries, while the remaining 30% arrive from the United States and European countries.

He pointed out that Exportafácil is an important tool that allows micro-entrepreneurs to send their products to other countries thanks to the economic and express services provided by Serpost.

“This allows any entrepreneur to ship products for a maximum of US $ 7,500, as well as in terms of dimensions and weight of 30 kilograms,” Infantes told the Andina News Agency.

The agent noted that in the last quarter of this year, the volume of mailings of various types of products is increasing due to the year-end holidays.

Likewise, Infantes explained that there are 11 types of customers who use the services of Serpost.

“One in particular is the hyperconnected and digital customer, whose consumption habits have changed,” he said.

Faced with the new normal generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the officer said Serpost was making changes to its website so that information reaching its users was clearer and easier to access.

“We are developing projects (to improve the online service) because the regular consumer needs information online nowadays. All of this is work to improve the value promise in terms of delivery times,” Infantes pointed out. .

In addition, he pointed out that, in the current normality, customers mainly demand to be able to pay digitally for the services provided by Serpost.
On the other hand, he asserted that Serpost has a great competitive advantage over private operators as it relies on more experience and greater coverage at national level.

In this sense, Infantes noted that the institution covers 89% of the national territory with 457 offices, which are even frequented by private operators who cannot reach certain regions of the country.


Posted: 10/21/2021

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