The enigma of the Nazca lines in Peru


The enigma of the Nazca lines in Peru

November 10, 2021

One of the greatest mysteries Peru has to offer the world is that of the “Nazca Lines”, located during Ica’s reign, 400 km south of Lima, the Peruvian capital.

Unesco declared the Nazca lines “cultural heritage of humanity” in 1994 and they have become one of the archaeological mysteries of the world.

Nazca culture flourished over 1,500 years ago and extended its influence into the Pisco Valley to the north and the Acari Valley to the south near the Pacific Ocean.

One of the legacies of this culture has been around 800 figures made on the desert of this region near the Pacific Ocean, which is why it remains until now a vestige of the ancient Peruvians.

These figures are made up of a set of animals and plants and geometric shapes over a territory of over 600 km2.

Among the shapes on earth, there is one like a hummingbird with a wingspan of 76 meters; a monkey with an extension of 135 meters, a dog with a fence 50 meters long, a spider of 46 meters, and others.

The desert retains its line drawings, a legacy that will continue to pose a question in Peruvian and world history, the question of archaeologists – even today – of “how it was made” is the big question that we continue until today. ‘now to study.

Nazca lines

According to studies, it is believed that sketches were made and enlarged in figures. These lines are located in one of the closest areas.

This extraordinary heritage was discovered in 1927, by the German Peruvian scientist Maria Reiche who devoted her entire life to demonstrating that the Nazca lines were represented as an astronomical calendar in order to know the harvest times of the ancient Peruvians.

She is known for her research on the Nazca Lines, which she first saw in 1941 with American historian Paul Kosok. Maria investigated in her book “Mystery of the Desert”, for which she received the highest honor in Peru “La Orden del Sol”.

I remember Maria Reiche when she was working even though she suffered from a health problem, walking in the wrinkle zone without good vision, but with good company which encouraged her to continue her personal research.

Nowadays, there is another theory related to irrigation and water possession in this desert region of Peru.

The American David Johnson says it was a map that was used to locate the wells where they had water. It is important for our global history to have this place where no body can demonstrate that a human being is working the reason to leave this creation that can only be seen from the highest mountains or from the air, but without no doubt it constitutes an attraction so that visitors to Peru can on sight have their own conclusions.

It should be mentioned for some archeology teachers that the figures represented the gods of nature, of creation, where the rituals were performed, through the sounds of music, so they are large to be seen from the sky.

Another Swiss scientist deduced that these were lands that were used for alien landings, based on an existing humanoid figure, such as an alien.

Extraordinary images, they are unique, there is nothing like it on the whole planet. They were hidden, he has not received a response over the centuries, and this continues to confuse archaeologists. Over the past two years, 30 new lines have been unveiled. Incomprehensible creatures like an orca or a whale. It is the oldest with 2 thousand years at present and the exploration is carried out with great care. Likewise, we must mention the extraordinary geometric figures. They represent straight lines; numbers to runways as they might be for landings; trapezoids; and an inexplicable plot. Pieces of pottery were also found.

As the new discoveries of archaeological sites are exceptional, it has always been a great surprise that changes our vision and history. Recently, during the recent discovery made in Qatar, we discovered various archaeological remains in Al Usaylah Cemetery, one of the oldest historical sites in Qatar, which dates back to the period between 300 BC. the story. Such discoveries put a new aspect that changes the way history has been observed.

The hummingbird and the spider

There are many spaces to which human beings, scientists and researchers, have no answer; like the studies of Nicolas Copernico, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, John Howkins and many others. Everything is changing.

I believe this world still continues to be a mystery, in many aspects or research subjects the only thing we are sure of is the existence of a Supreme Being, a God who rules our lives.

Finally, I can only – best regards – invite you to visit Peru to see its many and many attractions that will make your life better.


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