Trip of Deputy Secretary Sherman to Uruguay and Peru


In Montevideo November 7-9, Deputy Secretary Sherman will meet with senior government officials to discuss continued efforts to advance democratic governance and human rights in the region; to strengthen economic, security and anti-drug cooperation between the United States and Uruguay; discuss issues related to climate and environmental protection; and engage on other issues reflecting the important bilateral relationship between the United States and Uruguay. The Deputy Secretary will also meet with renewable energy business leaders to advance clean energy cooperation.

Deputy Secretary Sherman will then travel to Lima from November 9-11. The Undersecretary will meet with senior government officials to discuss common priorities, including democratic governance; growing bilateral opportunities for inclusive trade and investment; promote and protect human rights; prioritize orderly and humane migration processes; the COVID-19 pandemic; and deal with the climate crisis. While in Lima, the Under-Secretary will also meet with representatives of indigenous communities and members of civil society.


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