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ISSAQUAH, WA – Optimism and excitement. If there was a general theme for the next grape season in Peru, this would be it.

“Our variety Ivory is the first fruit in the line, and they feature a large size, a beautiful color and a good taste”, shares Fanny Robles, Vanguard BB #: 300298 Manager – Purchases and sales in Peru

“We’ve never seen Ivory grapes that look like this before,” Robles continues. “We see this consistently for all of our varieties and our packaging teams have a renewed enthusiasm. “

As Robles notes, it’s not just the fruit that drives the good mood of the Vanguard Global team. “Compared to last season, we are very prepared at the moment. The entire global team is more connected than ever, from the fields, to the packing station, shipping lines and customers. “

“The quality parameters have been developed to meet the packaging needs of each different market. Robles outlines. “Our more experienced team combined with our strong harvest means we can be more competitive in the market this year. “

The Vanguard Peru team recently received a visit from two global clients for a pre-season visit, leaving with a very positive evaluation and enthusiastic execution plans – “We had one client who wanted the whole crop of ivory!”

At the end of November our red varieties will start packing with the rest of the green varieties including Sweet Globe, shortly after around mid December we will start with our black varieties.

Peru’s harvest will yield around 55% green grapes, 40% red grapes and 5% black grapes this season.

“Our cultural practices in the field and significantly improved quality are two very positive developments leading to higher volume than expected,” said Dirk Winkelmann, President of Vanguard Direct. “Especially with our green grapes, the average berry weight is a bit higher than expected and that alone could increase the harvest by 10%. Equally important, our packs have increased by a few points this season. “

Regarding the distribution of categories, Winkelmann shares: “This year we see an almost negligible volume of category 2 products.”

Cautious optimism extends to the transportation plans for our products.

The pre-season strategic negotiations and alignment have allowed Vanguard to prepare well and position itself to transport the increased grape volumes. Currently, there are no concerns regarding the availability of space and equipment in the Ica region.

“Expanding our facilities, to include both container caps and increased pre-cooling and cold storage, will help alleviate logistical delays. We are well positioned as we move towards our peak grape volumes, ”says Winkelmann.

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